How it works

MarginClick bot works with scalper strategy. Nobody can predict the price of Bitcoin in the future, but we can catch the behavior of it.

Strategy Overview

The idea behind this scalping strategy is to catch great price movements and get profit when the price goes back. But how to get it?

If you will open the indicator SMAGain on TradingView, you will see that the price from time to time cross the line ‘UP GAIN LINE’ and then it comes back to the SMA, and the same of ‘BOTTOM GAIN LINE’.

So, the idea is to put LIMIT short orders upper than ‘UP GAIN LINE’ and long order under the ‘BOTTOM GAIN LINE’. For that, MarginClick puts grid of SELL (short orders) when the price is upper than Moving Average Line and BUY (long orders) when the price is under the MA.

If some order has been done, MarginClick will automatically put Close order to close a deal with profit.

Automated cryptocurrency trading

Every minute, MarginClick bot will move the grid of orders according the Moving Average price. This function reduces the level of risk and your orders will work only if the price will have a large gap from the MA.

You can change the number of orders in the grid, martingale of every order, the profit and other parameters.

Here they are:

  • First order size
    This parameter has a numerical value in Contracts. If you use free version of MarginClick bot, it protected for changing and it always puts 1 USD. This is for your safety. If you just start to trade at Bitmex, it will allow you to test MarginClick bot with low-level risk strategy.
  • How may Buy orders place at one time
    This parameter sets the number of Buy orders that bot will place to Bitmex at one time. If you will set small number of orders, bot will not
  • How may Sell orders place at one time
    This is the same parameter for Sell orders
  • Step between orders
    If you buy contracts by 6000 USD per BTC, the next order will be setted by the price:
    6000-[Step between orders]Example:
    Step between orders = 2
    So, if your [Step between orders] parameter is ‘2’, the next order will be placed by the price 5998 for bitcoin.
  • Step to profit order
    When you buy contracts, bot will automatically place order to sell contracts by the price of order + [Step to profit order]Example:
    Step to profit order = 2
    If bot bought contracts by 6000 USD for BTC, it will place the profit order to sell contracts by 6002 usd.


MarginClick place only ‘Post-only’ orders. This means that you will get small profit (anti-comission) every time when order will be done. Besides that, bot places every Sell order with small profit that you set in the ‘Step to profit order’ parameter.

So, from time to time you should close position to take your profit and start a new position.

In this case, you have parameters for that:

  • Close position if daily profit more than X%
    If your daily profit (profit of position/days of position) is more than that parameter, bot will place ‘Post-only’ profit to close your position.
  • Close position if market price more than break-even price for X%
    This parameter will place the order that close your position if the market price is more than break  even price up to X%

Limit rules

If the price goes to wrong way for a long time, it could be an event that your position is quite large. In this case, bot can stop to place new Buy orders and wait until the market will


MarginClick bot will help you to put parameters right.

Please, note!
At Bitmex you always trade with risk of liquidation! Don’t put high-risk parameters! Please, try to trade using low-risk parameters first.